Considering Bay Alarm Medical? You Need to Know These Things First

Bay Alarm Medical is without any doubt first on the list of the most reliable medical alert system in the country. For more than 70 years, since 1946, the Bay Alarm Medical alert system provider has proven their worth and the efficiency of each product line and services to their growing clients.

If you are considering buying one of the Bay Alarm Medical devices and or services for the first time for yourself or for a loved one who is on his or her senior years, here are a few essential details you need to know first to avoid confusion when it comes to picking the right Bay Alarm Medical device for you.

Types of Bay Alarm Medical alert systems

The Bay Alarm Medical alert systems have three major product lines – the In-Home Medical Alert, mobile GPS Help Button, and the In-Car Medical Alert device.

•    In-Home Medical Alert – A popular in-home medical alert system in the country today; it consists of two main devices – the wrist or neck pendant and the base station. The alert system is designed to work in the house; however, you do not need to acquire a landline to make the devices work.

The In-Home Medical Alert uses a cellular network with reliable coverage. During an emergency case, the client must press the help button that is found on the device that the user wears to notify the Bay Alarm Medical monitoring center through the help of the base station. The help button works within the coverage of 1000 feet away from the baseline, while the base station is designed with an extremely sensitive and clear speaker, which enables clear communication between the skilled care specialist and the client. If in case that the care specialist didn’t get any response from the other line, the monitoring center will contact the nearest emergency response team, as well as the nearby neighbor, friend, or a relative. At this resource, you’ll find out more about In-Home Medical Alert systems.

•    Mobile GPS Help Button – These types are often preferred by the seniors who stay active – both indoor and the outdoor. The systems consist of two essential devices – the help button device and its rechargeable cradle. Same as with the in-home, the wearer must press the emergency button to get hold to a care specialist; however, this time, instead of talking directly to a care representative directly to a base station, the Mobile GPS Help Button has speakers on the device itself.

•    In-Car Medical Alert systems – During car and road accidents, the device automatically connects to a care specialist. Through the pre-bundled GPS service, the care specialist can easily locate the wearer. To get to know more of these, try to visit the website

Other Key Product Line and Services

As an example of the Bay Alarm Medical’s expertise in the industry and the efficiency in their product line and services, the company had expanded its options to more advanced and well-rounded way in keeping the seniors well-secured throughout the day; this includes the following:
•    Auto fall detection systems
•    Lockbox services
•    Caregiver Tracking Portal
•    Multi-Lingual Support
•    Extended battery life
•    Vial of Life Kit

The Prices

Each product line and services have different prices; however, the price usually starts at $19.95. If you need to know more, read reliable posts and reviews like this.